College IT Conference

The Other Place (RSC) – 2017

College IT Conference 2017 – The Other Place (RSC)

The Cambridge and Oxford College IT Management Groups (CITMG) are pleased to announce the 10th College IT Conference (CITC) exclusively for the College Computing communities of Cambridge and Oxford University. The conference will follow the highly successful formula of the previous eight conferences, offering a stand-out keynote presentation and a rich mix of technical seminars with round table discussions covering non-technical areas such as policy, strategy, communication and management.

This year’s keynote will feature Ian Glover, President of the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) and part of the UK project team building the next land speed record car, Bloodhound SSC. The project has been designed to break the existing record and exceed 1,000 mph and provide and inspirational project to encourage youth into science maths and engineering.

We will also be arranging range of seminar topics on network management, infrastructure security, and round tables on College organisation and similar management challenges.  The after-dinner speaker is Kate Russell talking about ‘serious gaming – history of games’ from the perspective of a games journalist.

The conference is a chance for College IT staff of the 70 Oxford and Cambridge colleges to mix with their colleagues, to discover their interests, the ways they work, their problems and solutions to managing IT in this unique environment. As with past conferences the day’s events were rounded off with a formal dinner  and an after dinner speaker.