College IT Conference

College IT Conference

College IT Conference 2019 – The National Space Centre – 12th Conference

The College IT Conference Committee (CITC) is very pleased to announce the 12th anniversary of the CITC exclusively for the College IT communities of Cambridge and Oxford University. The committee has decided that it is time to re-visit some of the best venues and in 2019 it will be the National Space Centre, Leicester.

The conference will follow the highly successful formula of the eleven previous conferences, offering a stand-out Keynote presentation and a rich mix of technical seminars with round table discussions covering non-technical areas such as policy, strategy, communication and management.

Keynote: The data landscape of the future will be very different from the one we know today.
Grant Caley, NetApp’s UK & Ireland Chief Technologist, will discuss why we need to build a data fabric to underpin our hybrid cloud applications. This data fabric will layer over on-premise ultra low-latency storage technologies, servers with petabyte scale persistent memory and the public clouds of AWS, Azure, Google etc. Ultimately the data fabric will then bring Enterprise data management wherever applications and their data are deployed. With a dynamic data fabric Applications, deployed as microservices, will be fully portable and self-automated, to some extent becoming self-managing. Beyond this near future Grant will also provide an insight into some of the new technologies being even further researched.

It’s a chance for College IT staff members of the 70 Oxford and Cambridge Colleges to mix with their colleagues, to discover their interests, the ways they work and their problems and solutions to managing IT in this unique environment.

The 12th College IT Conference will be held at The National Space Centre, Leicester on Friday 22nd March 2019.

As with past conferences the day’s events will be rounded off with a formal dinner sponsored by NetApp.

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