College IT Conference

Bletchley 2007

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The 1st CIT conference was held at Bletchley Park, the birth place of modern computing. Bletchley Park is a unique place having been the hub of intelligence activities during World War II. The Park is in the process of being restored and the National Museum of Computing has been opened. The museum houses a working copy of Colossus, the machine invented at Bletchley do help decipher the German’s enigma code. Delegates had a tour of huts and an explanation on the workings of Colossus by Tony Sale, the man who rebuilt it.

There were just under 70 delegates attending with most staying on for dinner. The day got off to a interesting and entertaining start with the keynote address given by Alan Greenberg (Apple EMEA Education Markets, Senior Manager Higher Education, IT strategy and solutions) who spoke on emerging technologies. The rest of the day followed suit with a mixture of seminars and round table discussions all of which generated interest and, in the case of the round tables, much debate.

The evening finished with a dinner in the ball room and a talk by Tony Sale, who gave us a fascinating insight into the daily lives of those who lived and worked at Bletchley during its hay day.